“I love our berry pie mummy!”

So with my recent promise to myself to do ‘less thinking more creating’ I’ve taken a new approach to what constitutes ‘creativity’. Of course I want to knit, sew, draw and paint but it’s not every day that this can happen and surely ‘creativity’ doesn’t need to be limited to these disciplines?

Everyone enjoying picking Blackberries
Everyone enjoying picking Blackberries

I’m counting this weekend’s ‘Apple and ‘Freshly picked from the back of the golf course’ Blackberry Crumble’ as my most recent creative effort. There may not have been much head scratching, yarn or doodles included in the making process but there was a lot of fun.

Blackberries - yum yum!
Blackberries – yum yum!

Embarking on the first of which will be many of our family ‘autumnal’ walks across the fields near our house, we discovered that the blackberry bushes that run along the back of our local golf course had begun to bear fruit. A quick stop at our local pub for light refreshment and we were able to return to the bushes well equipped with two carrier bags and two eager children, excited at the prospect of picking all the berries.

Beabop-a-loola picking Blackberries
Beabop-a-loola picking Blackberries

It was great fun watching the children eagerly search for fruit and add the juicy berries to their collections… with the odd one or two being sampled of course. I have great memories of doing the exact same thing with my Grandad and there’s nothing quite like ripe fruit freshly picked and popped in your mouth… As long as you’re picking from the top branches of course!!

Apple and Blackberries all ready to meet the crumble!
Apple and Blackberries all ready to meet the crumble!
'I love our berry pie mummy!"
‘I love our berry pie mummy!”

Once home our bounty was washed and made into a delicious crumble and with the words ‘I love our berry pie mummy’ uttered I couldn’t be happier!

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