Less Thinking, More Creating

When I came across The Lovely Drawer‘s free desktop wall paper “Less Thinking More Creating” the message, simple though it is, really hit home with me.

Less Thinking More Creating - The Lovely Drawer
Less Thinking More Creating – The Lovely Drawer

Recently my focus has drifted and seeing those words really inspired me to just get on and make something!

As always there is a project on the needles and plenty of material, books and ideas floating around but I haven’t actually completed a project since ‘Pink Fish’… so with my little man’s second birthday party just around the corner and a stack of material ready for transforming, I set about a simple project that would not only satisfy my craving to make but also make some little people very happy.

With the party just days away I decided on drawstring party bags, simple yet useful and easy to multiply. With a quick online purchase for parachute string at my new favourite craft shop Fred Aldous in Manchester, who’s quick delivery and product range is brilliant, I set about making fourteen little bags.

14 Party Bags
14 Party Bags

I always doubt myself when making items for children as the everything seems so small when in their raw state but once everything is put together it all fits just right… thankfully!

With time a minimum I did enlist the help of my incredibly creative and very lovely neighbour, Laney, and my unsuspecting house guest, Shelle, who became ‘chief parachute string operator’ and ‘quality control’ respectively.

(L-R) Laney, Shelle and I in my kitchen working on the bags
(L-R) Laney, Shelle and I in my kitchen working on the bags

By the end of the night, helped along with wine and home made popcorn the bags were all made and full of little treasures for the guests to enjoy after what we all hoped would be a fun filled afternoon.

Hand Made Party Bags - George's 2nd Birthday
Hand Made Party Bags – George’s 2nd Birthday

The quick turnaround and my sudden ability to make when under the pressure of a deadline has shown me that my creative output can be and should be much greater than is current. That feeling of every project being an epic creation has gone and I intend to mix my makes with smaller, more quick to finish projects so that I can keep motivated by the satisfaction of having completed something, regardless of its simplicity.

George & Bea and their party bags
George & Bea and their party bags
George and his party bag
George and his party bag

The power to squash that feeling of frustration at not having “made” anything is entirely in hands (literally) and I simply need to adopt my new mantra “less thinking more creating”.

Now… what to make next?!

x x x


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