Blogtacular 2015… opening a door to a whole new world!

Having had over 24 hours to digest Blogtacular 2015 I’m still enjoying the thrill of remembering moments of the day….

Grace Bonney

y of Design*Sponge Blogtacular 2015 Official Photos by Piers MacDonald. Thanks Mollie Makes (219)
Grace Bonney –  Blogtacular 2015 Official Photos by Piers MacDonald. Thanks Mollie Makes (219)

Listening to Grace Bonney was incredibly inspiring; hearing her speak so confidently and with such ease about her work was enthralling. Despite trying to convince us of her ‘failings’ in the early days, I could not help but put her on a pedestal along with her words;

“Everyone is a publisher

Everyone is a curator

Everyone has a point of view”.

Those words for me really set the tone for the rest of my experience at Blogtacular.


I’m a big fan of Fall for DIY and the topics Francesca covered in her presentation were really helpful and I love how she champions a sense of community. Her advice to champion each other and not to see peers as competition has really relaxed my fears on approaching other bloggers. She mentioned that she has a ‘support group’ of roughly 30 other bloggers and I really feel that attending Blogtacular has enabled me to make a step in that direction.

Love Heart - Blogtacular 2015
Love Heart – Blogtacular 2015

Judith De Graaf and Igor Josifovic of Urban Jungle Bloggers and their passion for creating community is incredibly infectious. Their belief that the community you build should be beneficial for everyone involved is a beautiful principle; coupled with their sense of responsibility to their bloggers and their protective stance towards what they have created made me feel that what they do is very special.


I spent some of the afternoon swotting up on photography and styling.

Kat’s photography tips and guidance were really practical and I’m already trying to put into practise everything she mentioned… net curtains are on the shopping list!

‘The 2 Charlottes’ from Betty magazine must have the most fun at work. I have poured over their magazine in the goody bag and love the mellow chic tone of their work. I’m already looking forward to the next issue, especially the playlist!!

Styling with Betty - Blogtacular 2015
Styling with Betty – Blogtacular 2015

Anthony Peters…

Captivating and cannot wait for ‘Made You Look’!! Again I came away with the feeling that there is space for everyone and their work but we must be mindful to create the space and harness skills, old and new.

I’m already looking forward to next year’s Blogtacular and catching up with some of the lovely people I met on Saturday; Jess at The Only Girl In The House, Shobha at Just Go Places, Vicky Flip Flop, Gemma at Sew What’s New and Sarah from Little Beee.

Blogtacular 2016

Blogtacular 2015 has opened a door to a world that I am so excited to be part of and I’m looking forward to exploring it over the next 12 months… Can’t wait for Blogtacular 2016!

Happy wishes

Anna x


  1. So lovely to meet you Anna, I’m still reflecting on the day, especially Francesca’s session. I Just want to fast forward to next year so we can share what we have tried and tested…happy blogging Gem x


    • Yes me too! Can’t wait for next year… I feel I’m already looking at my work with a new perspective and it’s so refreshing. It was lovely to meet you too and I’ll definitely be keeping up with your blog x ps found two pom-poms in my handbag… Whoops!!! x


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