gallery Pink Fish

This is my first item of knitted clothing!

Goldfish Cardigan

I’ve crocheted a dress, crocheted a turtle and a blanket and knitted lots of snoods and hats so I’m very pleased to have finally finished (it’s taken a few months of evening armchair activity) Goldfish by Tin Can Knits

Goldfish Cardigan Illustration

I have mixed the colours up as we’re currently in a pink phase and after all the hard work I didn’t want to risk the ‘I don’t like it’ response! The neck line isn’t quite the same as in the picture and despite having my Knitting Guru check my work and the pattern we couldn’t see why or where I had gone wrong, but fortunately it looks great just the way it is… well I think so!

Goldfish Cardigan Buttoned Up

For this project I used Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino and purchased my first set of circular needles.


Other firsts for this project include colour changing, ribbing, buttonholes and sleeves; so lots of new skills.

Goldfish Cardigan Rib

Goldfish Cardigan Colour Change

I can’t wait to start my next challenge… Tin Can Knits’ Gramps.

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